Corporate Services

Corporate Services

Australians spend one quarter to one third of their waking life at work, making the workplace an important area for health promotion and intervention. Many companies are now offering health and lifestyle programs and reaping the benefits.

Fusion of Body and Sole can work with you to develop a program to suit your specific needs. Staff information sessions, corporate events and seminars, on and off site training programs are ideal opportunities to educate your staff on healthy life options.

As an example, topics such as -

  •    Breathing techniques to reduce Stress
  •    Simple ways to reduce headaches and eyestrain
  •    Introduction to Meditation
  •    Yoga at the Desk

can help your staff better manage the demands of a busy work life.

Providing therapies in the workplace, or rewarding staff with vouchers for relaxation therapies are ways of increasing workplace morale and decreasing absenteeism.

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